TriPower handles

Bobby Mollet is another small businessman innovator offering a significant biomechanically advantaged tools - the TriPower Handles. It seems so obvious, and yet - generally the only handle attachments available for single arm movements force the wrist into pronation or supination only. Yet the natural, neutral position of the wrist is usually the most biomechanically correct position for the wrist and elbow joints, allowing for fuller, safer contractions and full extensions. After breaking his arm, Mollet became keenly aware of this, and his line of handles is a unique solution no lifter and no gym should be without.

Used for single arm isolation exercises, the TriPower Handle works the triceps, biceps, and shoulders in a motion that alleviates undue stress and strain, creating a smoother action and actively motivates the user to workout feeling less pain. The It provides the slight difference in twist and movement which helps ease the stress when performing exercises.

Furthermore, the four different handle styles available are solely for the purpose of single arm exercises as well as isolating your grip strength and control, which in turn, work the muscles in the hand, wrist and forearm. Advanced trainers can also use the handles for abdominal workouts. TriPower Handles can be used on any cable exercise machine or attached to rubber tubing. Mollet has loads of endorsements from professional bodybuilders including Arnold Schwarzenegger. He certainly has mine. In fact, it irks me when I check out a gym and they don't offer this type of handle.

(around $25 each)

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