If you're familiar with the concept of microloading, you know how valuable small amounts of weight are to making big gains. The unofficial father of microloading is the man who coined the phrase for exercise, Ken Benoit, the entrepreneur with a physical education background who has significantly influenced the spread of the concept in the U.S. When he went up five pounds too many on a preacher curl in 1995, he pulled a bicep muscle. The injury forced him to get innovative in order to recover: he duct-taped small weights to dumbbells for curls, and within one year surpassed his pre-injury max.

Thus was born Platemates -- small, attractive, rubber-coated magnetic microweights to adhere to standard equipment. Since 1995, his company has mushroomed - demand has doubled every year for the past five years; Platemates are sold worldwide; portions of the military and several professional football and Olympic hockey teams swear by Platemates and the microloading technique.

"The simple, common sense seems to gain people's attention," says Benoit. Equipment companies are quickly catching on. LifeFitness, Hoist, Vectra, Cybex and Nautilus all offer selectorized equipment with microloading provisions, generally at 2.5 pound increments. Powerblock offers microloading options and ties in with Platemates.

(around $30 - $35 pair)

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