Muscle Clamps

Verl Miller says he was discouraged by what he saw in his physical education classes: the iron weight collars were too heavy, the spring weight collars were difficult to squeeze, the screw weight collars would strip while other weight collars simply fell apart. As a result, few of his students were using weight collars. This led to his invention of Muscle Clamps, which he rightfully advertises as the most intelligent weight collar available.

His criteria include safety, speed (clamp engagement and release are lightning quick), lightweight (be sure to bring them home when you're done or they'll disappear), affordability (Well, they're not cheap, but the quality is great - I used mine for years until I dropped the bar on something and broke them, but even then, they still worked, just not as well.), durability, sizing for both Olympic and home bars, and protection of the bar from scratches. I'll add a ninth he achieved - protection of fingers. There much less pinching with these, none if you pay attention.

If you're still using spring and iron collars, get a pair of these right away. You'll treasure them. The only trouble we had with these at the Bally's I managed was that they'd disappear.

I'm delighted that they're now available in red, besides the blue and black.

(around $30 - $35 pair, much more by some sellers on Amazon)

Get them at Muscle Clamp, but ordering isn't instant: you'll have to email, call, or download an order form and mail it in.

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