Bun and Thigh Roller

This device looks as corny as its name sounds, but it has a great use.

Former Mr. America Dean Tornabene invented this compact home device after working with the Swiss ball inspired him. He stabilized the movement and incorporated resistance to mimic the arcing motion the ball provided. It came out in about 2006, but you can still find them.

The motion focuses on both concentric and eccentric contractions of the muscles in the hips, glutes and thighs, with virtually no effect on the knees and back. It's not a heavy load kind of exercise device by any means, but it does allow you to work through some great ranges of motion on the joints from the waist down. Because the spine is supported and at rest, it is out of the movement. The head is supported. The wide-angled arcing motion is easy on the knees. So this would be a great lower body tool for folks dealing with back or neck issues, or various knee or ankle issues.

As embarrassing as that thing looks in my gym, I've kept it around for years, and pull it out now and then for specific uses. As an Olympic-style weightlifter, I use it not for the purposes it's intended for (to strengthen or spot reduce fat), but instead as a passive and controlled stretch for hip extension, which I need in the snatch and in the clean. Look at the line of the body in the logo - that's a great hip opener. It's relaxing. It's a piece of alternative, active rest lounge furniture that I can haul from the livingroom to the porch, and it doesn't scare the cats too much.

Resistance band and arm attachment are sold separately - not included in my price estimate. If you want them, I recommend getting them when you buy the unit, because shipping costs are high. The price new from the manufacturer is around $60, but it's more like $90 after it's all added up. I picked up my second one for five bucks at a garage sale.

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