The Complete Sandbag Training Course

Oh, how I love sandbag training! This is one of the most universally accessible methods and tools of strength and general fitness training.

The book The Complete Sandbag Training Course by Brian Jones is exactly what it sounds like. All the pieces are here - making a sandbag, handling it, the exercises, and programs for different people. It's a slim booklet - 48 pages, saddle-stitched - but that's just because it's lean.

The information is well organized, and that's important in an instruction manual. It's full of well-produced photos; Jones demonstrates each move clearly in black-and-white shots.

The printing quality is great for a modest publication like this. So take it from someone who's worked in both the book publishing and the fitness worlds: $13.95 is a fair price for this little gem.

Available from Ironmind.

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