No Sweat apparel

Get some peace of mind into your closet. No Sweat offers guilt-free clothing: it's all made by union workers. There's lots of casual stuff, some work, outerwear, shoes similar to Converse, and, of course, sweats and athletic wear.

My husband and I have bought quite a few t-shirts, tanks and socks from them over the past few years, and we've always been pleased with the quality and service. Prices are pretty good, too. The designs are more hardass than gym bunny - get your Rosie the Riveter t-shirts here. There's lots of cotton, plus cotton blends and some hemp.

They started by specializing in clothing made in the USA by union workers, but have expanded to carry clothing made internationally by union workers. They probably couldn't get too far with America's scarce unionized manufacturing resources alone.

There's more - they've partnered with Trees for the Future, and say they will plant a tree for every order.

No Sweat

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