Kraiburg bumper plates

Prices on weights seem crazily high, no matter what they're made of. I shopped and shopped and compared and compared, and Kraiburg brand, sold through eSportsOnline at with free shipping, came out on top - by far, and I'm gushing over them like a mother with a newborn.

If you're new or a garage lifter and wondering whether you should get bumper plates at all, and you do Olympic lifting or lifts that require plates of this diameter, buy them and don't look back. They'll be one of the best investments you make. It makes all the difference.

On the other hand, if you're looking for the best plates you can buy and you drop the bar at the end of the lift, be warned: these plates are rubber and because of their relative thinness, they will quickly warp with such impact, especially the lower poundages. But it's not a big deal: mine are two years old, and they have not warped any more than the initial warping - and that's not much. They take a lot of abuse and hold up remarkably well.

Final note: one minor drawback is the brass sleeve in the center. Brass isn't a slick metal, so the plates don't slide on and off as easily as you may be accustomed to, but again, really no big deal. The price is right.

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Stian said...

That’s the best pumper by far.

Regarding the brass inside its made for prices weightlifting, and might be a little to "precise" for squats and benches.

Biggest problem is that the bar gets full before you reach the heavy squats and deadlifts.