Because rotator cuff injuries are so rampant in the gym, I cannot recommend this one highly enough.

By isolating and strengthening your external rotators, you can develop minor muscles that often receive less work than they should, thus improving muscular development balance and setting the stage for proper functioning of the shoulder.

"Two of the most underrated muscles of the body are the infraspinatus and the teres minor. These small muscles of the rotator cuff stretch from your shoulder blade to your upper arm. They work together to externally rotate your arm, and to stabilize your arm during almost all shoulder movements. If these two muscles are weak or underdeveloped in comparison to your major chest and back muscles, a muscular imbalance is created that can severely jeopardize your shoulder's integrity, and lead to chronic pain and injury. The ShoulderHorn helps restore your shoulder's natural strength balance by specifically strengthening and conditioning these two key muscles" (ShoulderHorn marketing).

The ShoulderHorn fits closely and comfortable to your body. It rests your arms in the optimum position for isolating and strengthening the muscles of the rotator cuff. Then you simply lift very light weights (important! Approach this as you would a rehabilitation exercise, especially is that is how you are using it.) in the only path of motion available to you. It's pretty foolproof.

My only bone to pick with the ShoulderHorn, and it's a common one, is that the steel bar is covered in the same foam tube used in plumbing - it tears very easily. It's not unusual to see weathered ShoulderHorns covered in duct tape. But now you know in advance, so like me, you can take precautions. Mine is three years old and still like new.

(around $60)

Get it at Better Fitness Products

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