Everlast EverGel Glove wraps

So I traded in my Gel Bag Heavy Wrap for a pair of these, and boy, am I glad I did. These are great. There are still some areas for improvement, but I'm enjoying hitting the heavy bag with these. I'm using them instead of handwraps. These fit (albeit just barely) into my G&S super heavy bag gloves.

The gel cushioning over the knuckles is dramatic. It's thick and solid and completely covers the knuckle area. The main problem I was trying to solve was bruising my knuckles, and this looks like it's the best solution out there. I still feel the power of the impact of each punch, and now I can really unleash. Plus, they're much faster and easier to put on and take off than handwraps.

But they're not perfect. First, I get a few tiny red spots in between some of my fingers, where the skin folds, from the material jamming during the work out. I can't feel it happening. It's pretty minimal, but a little of that padding in this area would probably take care of it completely.

Secondly, although Everlast markets these as superior alternatives to handwraps, they do not stabilize the hand. The wrist, yes, but not the bones in the hand itself. My hand was actually aching a bit the first time I used them, just because it was getting pushed around. But it's not to the degree that I feel it after the work out. Still, if you're not having trouble with bruising, I'd have to think that handwraps would be more protective. Additionally, there is literally no support of the thumb.

Thirdly, these are delicate. The instructions say "remove gently to prevent tearing." What?! Okay, I am, but come on. It's surely the materials making up the rest of the glove outside of the knuckle covering - thin nylon - that's in danger of tearing. The thing is, these are very snug, and once you work out in them, perspiration makes them practically adhere to your hands, so getting them off carefully takes...well, a lot of care.

Update: After 14 months of using these strictly inside my bag gloves, on an Everlast bag, they are splitting and ripping where I didn't expect them to. See bottom for photos. Mind you, I have only worn these inside of quality bag gloves.

Finally, these rubber palms do not breathe, they stifle, and your hands will sweat. They should have thought of this and used a breathable fabric, if not wicking. And the materials they use in these gloves, like the bag wrap, really wreaks of a chemical smell. (Note: the tag says they're all nylon, but their ad copy says the palm is rubber, which is certainly seems to be.)

But with all those complaints, I'm pretty happy with these, mainly because of the knuckle protection, and that they're so much faster and overall easier to deal with than handwraps. And oh yeah - they look cool.

(listed at $25 but normally on "sale" for $20)

Get them at Everlast Web site or here:

Marketing copy
One of our best-selling items, the Evergel™ Glove Wraps are a huge success among boxers of all ages and levels. Wear under bag gloves and training gloves as a convenient and more protective alternative to handwraps, or wear alone for light bag work, mitts, speed bag, grappling and more. EverGel™ protector supplies state of the art cushioning and support over knuckles, hands and wrist. Elastic and neoprene construction with rubber palm for sure grip. Hook-and-loop tabs for firm wrist support.

Damage photos, 14 mo.

Damage photos, 24 mo.


cjharlem44 said...

Did you use these gel wraps under boxing gloves, or without boxing gloves when hitting the heavybag?

-Note: I have not tried mine yet...

-And thanks for your time (and review(s).

The Mighty Kat said...

I always use them under good boxing gloves when hitting the heavybag. I'm about to add more pics of progressive wear and tear on these. I like them a lot, but hope Everlast will continue to develop the design. Thanks for commenting.

Michael (Wild Bill) said...

Hey! What a great, detailed review! I bought some (with the colors of Ireland, gimmicky but fun) a month ago, but just got my heavy bag up to my apt. Sadly, they did not come close to fitting inside my bag gloves...but, then, my bag gloves are terrible. I have tried them once on the bag by themselves and they're nice--much less painful than knuckles or wraps alone.

Anyway, thanks for the review! Maybe I'll look into getting a pair of bag gloves like the ones you describe.

Oh, one last thing, just curious: what size of these evergels did you get, in case I need to know to get the properly sized bag gloves.


The Mighty Kat said...

Thanks, Wild Bill! I have medium Evergels. Love the idea of the Ireland colors, nice touch. My GS bag gloves have been one of my best investments. It's been a couple of years now, and they show no signs of damage (it's my heavybag that does!).

So I hope you go for it. Although your neighbors may not be as enthusiastic :-)

Billy said...

I couldn't use the Everlast Evergel handwraps properly. However I have found them to be great for knuckle push-ups, which seems to helping with my arm and shoulder alignment. Hope this helps.

Anonymous said...

Great review. Thanks. I was about to buy them, but I'm going to look around a bit more to see if there are any new designs that incorporate better bone/structure support.